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Apple Tries To Ban Galaxy Nexus In USA

Apple is back with lawsuits and guess who is the target this time? Of course, Samsung. Apparently they violated 4 Apple's patent rights with their Galaxy Nexus model...

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Supposed HTC Droid Incredible 3 Appears

A device that should be the HTC Droid Incredible 3 just appeared online today. Specifications look quite promising, since it runs on Android 4.0 and comes with LTE support...

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LG Miracle Windows Phone Device Leaks

We have just got our hands on a brand new LG Windows Phone device - Miracle. All that we have right now is the picture and some specifications, but you will see that this is more familiar model than you think!

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Samsung Galaxy S III to be 7mm thin

It looks like thickness, or should we say thinness, is the new race to the moon for smartphone manufacturers. According to rumors, Samsung is aiming at 7 mm milestone with the new Galaxy S III.

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Mystery New Galaxy S Model Leaked

The famous tech blogger Eldar Murtazin got us all intrigued by leaking a new mystery Galaxy S handset. This could either be the Galaxy S III or the Galaxy S II Plus...

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HTC Ville Caught On Camera (Video)

The handset known as the thinnest in the HTC's portfolio is back in news, this time it's on video! This ultra slim smartphone should have it's debut next month at MWC 2012, in Barcelona...

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Samsung I9070 Galaxy S Advance Goes Official

Samsung just introduced the latest dual-core smartphone and confirmed the rumors about it. It's said to be the most affordable dual-core smartphone by the Korean company...

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Sony Tapioca and Nypon Pictures Leaked

Sony has been having a bit of leaky time in the last few days. Lots of leaked pictures and a roadmap of upcoming smartphones leaked since the beginning of 2012...Today we give you the latest, Nypon and Tapioca...

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Samsung Wave Y Le Fleur Edition Goes On Sale

Finally Samsung made something specially for the ladies! It seems that their LeFleur lineup of female-targeted phones was flying under the radar and now quietly hits the shelves!

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Insider Source Reveals Details About iPhone 5

Foxconn employee leaked some interesting details about iPhone 5 along with possible release date...

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